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How does repping work?
Once you order your rep kit with your exclusive coupon from your Rep Welcome Email, the next step is to authentically share your love of Wanderer Bracelets with your community through at least one Instagram post every week. When you share photos of your bracelets along with your personalized discount code, you earn cash and your friends get discounts - it’s a win - win!

What’s my timeframe for being a Rep?
You can rep for Wanderer as long as you’d like! We know that actively participating as a Rep isn’t always possible (even if you really want to), which is why we’ve allowed the freedom to be more actively involved in our program whenever you can! But more participation = more sweet perks!

I want to be an active Rep with sweet perks! What am I expected to do to be active?

  1. Your Instagram account must be public in order for us to track your rep posts.
  2. Post at least one beautiful picture on Instagram every week - featuring a Wanderer Bracelet with the hashtag #wandererreps.
  3. Each Wanderer Bracelet is skillfully handcrafted and comes with a unique story of its own. Tell your friends and family why you love Wanderer Bracelets. We'd love for you to share the symbology and meaning behind the bracelets you wear - and spread our message too!
  4. Share only positive messages about Wanderer Bracelets.
  5. Wear Wanderer Bracelets in your everyday life (the more the merrier)!

What do active reps get?
Each month that you meet all of the above requirements, you'll get a new bracelet sent to your doorstep!

What Hashtag do I use for my posts sharing Wanderer Bracelets?
All posts should be tagged #wandererreps!

Can I post more?
Of course! Also, be on the lookout for monthly Rep photo challenges to encourage and inspire creativity in your posts.

What do I do with the discount cards?
Write in your unique code and pass them out to people in your community! If you run out and need more, just ask!

What happens if I quit the program?
You will receive any commission that you earned up to that point, but will not receive any further rep gifts or commission unless you resume active participation again.

Who do I ask if I have a question?
Email your rep managers at anytime you’ve got a question!

Am I allowed to post my discount code on discount/coupon websites (ex:
You are not allowed to post your discount on any bulk coupon site. You are only permitted to post your personalized 20% off discount code on your own social accounts and blogs.

Can I use my own discount code?
Since you earn commission on every purchase made with your code, you are not permitted to use your own code for personal purchases.

Can I use another Reps code?
Wanderer Bracelets offers fun flash sales exclusively for Reps, so we do not permit the use of Reps using Rep codes of any kind.

Can I use multiple discount codes together?
No. Our system only allows one code per checkout.

Outside of the rep projects, what else should I post on Instagram?
Be creative! Show off your personal style, your favorite places to wander and your favorite ways to wear your bracelets. Every week on the Facebook group, we’ll give you inspiration - so stay tuned!

I have a great idea. Who can I tell?
Drop it on the closed Rep Facebook group or email your idea to If you have a creative idea for content you would like to post for a rep project but need some feedback, you can reach out to other reps or your Rep leaders there too.

What kinds of photos should I post?

BETTER PHOTOS: (all of the above plus…)

  • Include multiple Wanderer Bracelets all together!
  • Think outside of the box - portray your bracelet in a new way. Take your bracelet somewhere you don’t usually go.. Have an adventure!

BEST PHOTOS: (all of the above plus…)

  • Be true to yourself in an authentic and creative way. By doing this, you will inspire the people around you to be authentic too!

Commission Questions

How can I see my progress and see who has made a purchase using my code?
Log in to your Refersion dashboard to see commission earned. You will not be able to see who has ordered using your link or code, but you track the order amount and the commission earned from each order.

How do I login to my Refersion account?
Visit and login using the account that you create.

What’s my commission?
You get 10% commission on any sales made through your unique referral link or discount code.

How often do I get paid?
You will be paid monthly, by the end of the first week of each new month.

Why do you need a W9 tax form from Wanderer Reps?
Any income earned should be reported to the IRS at the end of each calendar year, which is why we require a W9 independent contractor form to be filled out when you sign up with us. If you earn over $600 in commissions, we will send you out a completed tax form in January for filing purposes next year.

How do I fill out my W9?
All we need is your name, address, social security number, signature and date. Check the box for individual as you are an single rep earning your own commission, not a business.

Do I get a discount for being a rep?
To thank you for repping Wanderer, you will receive a 35% off coupon for your first order. Be on the lookout for emails announcing flash sales for Reps only for further discounts.

How to answer questions from your family & friends

How is the bracelet made?
Over the course of 10 days, your bracelet passes through many hands! In small communities in Bali, Indonesia, artisans use traditional techniques to hand carve, polish and weave each bracelet.

Why is it made from water buffalo bone?
Because we work with local artisans in Bali, our bracelets are made out of materials they’ve used for generations. Water buffalo has traditionally been used for art, tools and jewelry. By continuing to use this traditional material, our artisans also have an instrumental role in preserving an honored artistic practice that’s valued in their culture.

These animals are essential to Balinese culture and economy. In Bali, there are more than 1.3 million domesticated water buffalo. Farmers depend on them to plow their rice terraces, which makes them incredibly valuable animals. That being said, no water buffalo has ever been killed for its bones. But once they pass away, the Balinese let no parts of the buffalo go to waste.   




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