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Om Bracelet
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Om is the culmination of everything. Whether using this sacred mantra in yoga or meditation, it reminds us of our connection to the universe, both nature and those around us, so we feel less alone.

Connection. Unity. Sacred.
Om is the sound made when the letters A-U-M are combined. In this symbol, Curve 1 is the waking state when you are conscious of everything outside your body and is the largest curve because it is the state you are in most. The upper curve symbolizes deep sleep or the unconscious state. The middle curve is when your conscious is focused inward towards the view of the universe inside you. The dot is a symbol of the fourth state of consciousness, or peace and bliss. The semi-circle represents illusion which keeps the dot separated from the three curves, inhibiting us from reaching this highest state.
Over time, each pendant will naturally pick up oils from your skin and change to a more organic hue. Avoid contact with all oils including lotions, perfumes, sunscreen, and tanning oil as this will change the color of the pendant.

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